History has its eyes on us.

Written Friday July 8, 2016 following these heartbreaking events.

I’ve often wondered if people living in a historically significant time know it while they’re living it. I’ve wondered if they see the story arc rising out of the smoke, the broken buildings, the damaged lives, or from the the victories, the great leadership moves, the acts of bravery and sacrifice.

I used to wonder if I was living in a time that would show up in history books as being remarkable. I read about all the significant moments textbooks could carry forward. I saw notable events in other parts of the world… the falling of a wall, the end of a regime. But in our own country, aside from ever-present political and economic tugs-of-war, all seemed merry and bright. Continue reading “History has its eyes on us.”

In my hands.

Today I am on the verge of being consumed,
worrying about things not done.
Things that can’t be paid for.
Decisions not yet made.
Kids that I am parenting badly.
Things I am pursuing too hard.
Things I am not pursuing hard enough.
Things we’re not doing.
Things we are doing.

As is often the case, I push away the things that could help me,
like… oh, you know…. people. relationships. God.
It’s a super healthy response. And I fall into non-action. Continue reading “In my hands.”