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Rules I Never Thought I’d Make

A strange thing happens when you’re a parent.

You find yourself saying the most unimaginably crazy things.

“No one shall use the phrase ‘Your mom’ as a snarky retort.”
(i.e. ‘oh yeah? your MOM hasn’t done her homework’)

“No one shall use that little-kid-teasing-somebody ‘na na na na naaah na’ tune for anything, ever.”

“No giving wedgies to anyone outside the family.”

“No using spaghetti as a weapon.”


Anyone have any crazy rules to add?

In my hands.

Today I am on the verge of being consumed,
worrying about things not done.
Things that can’t be paid for.
Decisions not yet made.
Kids that I am parenting badly.
Things I am pursuing too hard.
Things I am not pursuing hard enough.
Things we’re not doing.
Things we are doing.

As is often the case, I push away the things that could help me,
like… oh, you know…. people. relationships. God.
It’s a super healthy response. And I fall into non-action. Read more

The logic of trust.

While tucked away on vacation, staring out at this waterfront view, a verse from the book of Isaiah started to bother me.

Isaiah 26:3
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you. Read more

Pictures. Help. Me.

I take a lot of pictures. I take most of them with my phone.

I take pictures of my family. I take pictures of happenings at work.
I take pictures of funny, silly, trivial things.

I take a lot of pictures. Read more

Joplin still needs us.

It’s a post-apocolyptic movie set…
It was put through a blender…
It looks like it was always messy…
It looks like no one could have survived.

Joplin still needs our help.  Read more


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