Today I am on the verge of being consumed,
worrying about things not done.
Things that can’t be paid for.
Decisions not yet made.
Kids that I am parenting badly.
Things I am pursuing too hard.
Things I am not pursuing hard enough.
Things we’re not doing.
Things we are doing.

As is often the case, I push away the things that could help me,
like… oh, you know…. people. relationships. God.
It’s a super healthy response. And I fall into non-action.

Reveling in this non-action, I see this on twitter from Alece Ronzino:
Signpost for my heart today: Do not feed the fears.”

Do not feed the fears.

This gets to me.

Today, I know my non-action is feeding the fears.
The antidote to non-action is…. I think….action.
But I can’t do anything to solve any of the tangly questions in my head today. What can I do?

I attack my son’s room with a vengeance. It needs help.
I dive into the 147 layers of folders on my computer. They’re ridiculous.
And there I find this little thought waiting for me in an abandoned ‘writing idea’ file.

‘What’s in your hands? What part of God’s kingdom is in your hands? DO THAT.’

I don’t remember where this question came from originally. But it’s ringing like truth.
There are many things I can’t solve, I can’t fix, I can’t predict or control.

But what is in my hands?

Our little corner of the world.

So I care for these things today to the best of my ability.
And I will say, again, that I choose to trust.

Off I go.

5 thoughts on “In my hands.

  1. I love this, Kim… What’s in my hands?
    (in no particular order)
    My house.
    My marriage.
    My position at a church.
    My family relationships.
    My friend relationships.
    My free-time.
    My keyboard.
    My pen.
    My books.
    My guitar.

    Hey you wanna go grab Chick-Fil-A sometime soon & catch up? :)

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