about me

Hi! Welcome! I’m Kim. I’m a wife, a mom, a musician, a worship leader. I love to create music, write things, build systems, and design experiences, all seasoned with humor and served up introvert style.

I love Jesus. I love my husband. I love our kids.

I’m trying to be as honest and ‘present’ in those relationships as I can, but … it’s not easy. Or possible. Or chronicled effectively here. But still, I try. These are the important things. 


I work as the Creative Arts Director at First MB Church.

This means I lead a group of people who create opportunities for people to worship God every weekend, and I help shape how we share our stories.

This involves working alongside a great group of musicians, collaborating with some of the best co-workers I could ever imagine, aaaaand quite a lot of staring at calendars/schedules/lists trying to make things happen intentionally and beautifully.


I love writing. A long time ago (pre-insta-twitter-facebook-iPhone) I started posting here as a way to share what was going on in life. Eventually, as both my job and our family grew, blogging fell right off my plate. There are many things I must do consistently; writing out loud is not one of them. So while I write often, I only post here occasionally, and I break all the blogging rules when I do. (I KNOW.) I might write about ministry, I might just muse, I might reflect on culture. I might write about my family, although most family-related stuff finds its way to Facebook or Instagram. 

I’m honored you’ve landed here. For however long you stay, I hope you find something here that is helpful and hope-filled. Also? If you dig back into the archives, good luck, don’t judge, and don’t get lost. :)